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CPC's BioMax®Gasification Systems convert carbon-rich, biomass feedstocks into a clean producer gas (syngas) containing equal amounts of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, a small amount of methane, some carbon dioxide, water vapor and the balance nitrogen. CPC's proprietary gasification technology enables the producer gas stream from theBioMax®to haveextremely low level of tar, such that the systems use no water for gas clean up and produces no waste water that requires treatment before disposal, unlike most gasification systems.  TheBioMax®systems arefully automated, using software to precisely control material flow, gasification, gas cooling and filtration to produce extremely clean syngas. The systems can also be monitored and controlled remotely. The high degree of automation and remote monitoring capability enables theBioMax®to be able to operate unattended.Unlike thermal energy derived from incineration of organic feedstocks, the BioMax®Systems’ syngas is a clean burning renewable fuel gas that can be used as a substitute for gasoline, natural gas, fuel oil or propane. Using gas-to-liquid Fischer Tropsch technologies, the BioMax®Systems’ syngas can be further processed into a number of chemical products including synthetic diesel, jet fuel and more.In the near future, customers will be able to produce liquid fuel (syndiesel) by adding our liquid fuels module (LiquiMax®).


  1. BioMax®can be configured for numerous energy services including combined heat and power (CHP), gas only (boilers & driers), and cooling.
  2. BioMax®is a turnkey system. It is built in ISO 20ft containers and tested in factory, and can be installed in under a week. The customer need only provide a concrete pad, electrical and thermal (if desired) inter-connects.
  3. BioMax®can operate 24x7, with or without sunlight, with or without wind.
  4. BioMax®uses highly efficient and advanced proprietary design, down-draft gasifier technology that produces extremely low level of tar in the producer gas.
  5. BioMax®employs dry filter for gas clean-up. It uses no water or oil scrubbers, produces no waste water (disposal issue); no water ponds required; no waste water treatment system (additional cost) required.
  6. BioMax®100 is commercially available, proven, with multiple field installations.
  7. BioMax®is fully automated, can be remotely controlled, can operate unattended. System start up, operation, monitoring, diagnosis and shut down can all be carried out onsite or remotely over the Internet using an iPad, iPhone, PC or similar devices. Important system functions are continuously monitored and logged with three levels of alarms (alerts are sent via the Internet to a smart device or computer).Emergency or scheduled shut downs are automatic and do not require an on-site attendant.
  8. BioMax®requires low maintenance. Maintenance and Operation BioMax® systems require approximately 30-45 minutes per day for maintenance and to prepare the biomass feedstock.
  9. BioMax®meets US EPA requirements.
  10. BioMax®enables biomass ‘waste’ stream mitigation to reduce or eliminate disposal cost.
  11. BioMax®produces usable biochar byproduct.
  12. BioMax®has a compact footprint – 30ft x 30ft (10m x 10m), unlike most renewable energy systems of similar power output.


SynTech's BioMax® product produces 145 net kW of electricity, 500,000 BTUs/hour of heat, and biochar from biomass. This product is manufactured in our Englewood, CO lean manufacturing facility.



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