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In a world which is constantly changing and presenting ever more complex demands on our resources, the future truly does depend, not only on what we do today, but equally on the minds of our young adults and developing children.We believe strongly in the principal of education as a tool by which to insure an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

As our energy and environmental future evolves, it will become increasing important to stimulate and attract young minds to the fields of sustainable clean energy, waste mitigation, environmental economics and related fields including thermo-chemical sciences, advanced materials, automated controls systems and many others.

SynTech is committed to utilizing each of its projects and facilities to educate and stimulate our youth and encourage them, from the grade school level forward to pursue a foundational education which will allow them to secure a future in these scientific, management, economic, environmental, political and related fields.We are also committed to working hand in hand with universities and colleges to provide practical training and education inside our facilities both in the form of classroom participation and internship management.


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