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Our Environmental Impact

One of our strongest corporate values is our belief in the social responsibility of all businesses and governmental entities to work toward positive climate change through environmental awareness and remedial action.

We embrace the principal of environmental protection through innovation and technological advances which deliver sustainable clean energy results while reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of waste throughout our environment and creating sustainable economics in the process.


Responsibility for the long-term management of resources brings with it the challenge of both environmental and economic stewardship of our communities and our planet. SynTech projects deliver both economic and environmental sustainability whether remediating MSW, converting sustainable biomass or municipal and/or animal bio-solid feedstocks or disdisplacing the use of “dirty” fossil-derived power.

Carbon-Negative Applications

Relying only on advanced thermo-chemical conversion and waste remediation technologies, SynTech projects are designed to relieve the environment of carbon impact, not add to them. By creating cleaner energy from waste, our projects avoid carbon implications of landfills while, at the same time, creating a clean energy resource which, in turn, offsets or displaces previously consumed “dirty” fossil-derived energy and reduces fossil fuel consumption thus preserving natural resources.The end result is a sustainable, carbon-negative operational footprint.

Landfill Recovery and Remediation

SynTech can assist in both the avoidance of ongoing landfill impact and in the recovery of existing landfills to mitigate immediate and continuing harm to the environment.By recovering recyclable materials from current waste stream and/or mined and recovered landfills, we not only return the economic value of those materials to the local economy, we also reduce the burden on remaining natural by eliminating the need to mine or refine replacement raw materials originally consumed to produce the recovered and recycled goods.


Investor Inquiries

Would you like to learn how you can invest into our nation’s future through bioenergy? Please contact info@syntechbioenergy.com for more information.

Customer Inquiries

Would you like to learn how bioenergy can positively affect your county and surrounding communities? Please contact info@syntechbioenergy.com for more information.

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