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Scalable Solutions

Existing energy, environmental and economic challenges require that, as a society, we look to clean, sustainable and renewable resources by which to produce power and motive fuels and, in so doing, reduce the burden on our diminishing natural resources. All SynTech projects and systems address both the need for sustainable clean energy as well as the need for waste remediation through landfill avoidance in an environmentally and economically sustainable platform.SynTech Sustainable Clean Energy Systems are scalable to accomplish these results:




  • Site-specific: “Behind the Meter” applications create site-consumable clean energy from site-produced waste for on-site consumption.
  • Campus: Eliminating the combined waste from University, Medical and Commercial campuses by generating clean energy and heat used in building cooling and heating.
  • District: Combining multiple nearby waste feedstock streams increases available feedstocks for the production of power, heat and cooling which is then shared at reduced costs by the producers of the waste feedstock stream.
  • Community: eliminating the entire MSW stream from towns, villages and small cities by diverting it from the local landfill and converting it to locally consumable clean power and eliminating the need to transport waste to or deposit it in the local landfill.
  • Landfill/Utility: “Inside the Gate” designs to achieve Total Landfill Avoidance through clean energy generation and advanced material recovery.
  • Material Recovery and Processing: diverts MSW from the landfill and produces salable RDF feedstock to fire furnaces, boilers and kilns.
  • Advanced liquid fuels and chemicals: produced from syngas, landfill gases and/or remote or low value natural gas resources.
  • Co-fired coal power generation: Made possible by engineered RDF feedstocks processed from raw MSW which is pulverized and mixed with coal to reduce coal-fired energy plant emissions.


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