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Our Process

The SynTech Process – A Local Economic Biosphere

  • Carbon-negative Operation

  • Material Collection: “single stream” waste collection process

  • Material Receiving

  • Material Recovery: All valuable recoverable and recyclable materials are removed from the inbound waste stream and sent to Recovered Material Reprocessing.The residual waste stream now becomes a waste “feedstock” resource.

  • Recovered Material Reprocessing: All recovered materials are processed, packaged and prepared for reintroduction into the local economy as recycled goods.

  • Feedstock Engineering: The residual waste stream is used to produce a “Refuse Derived Feedstock” (“RFD”) pellet- dry, odorless, and enert.

  • Advance Thermo-Chemical Conversion: No actual flame, burning or combustion takes place inside the reactor.

  • Waste Heat Recovery

  • Syngas Filtration: After the syngas is cooled, any remaining particulates are removed from the syngas cleaned before it is used to power the generators or other mobile equipment.

  • Power Generation: The finished syngas is then used to fuel specially modifiedinternal combustion engines or gas micro-turbines to produce a dependable and uninterrupted supply of sustainable clean base-load or peak power.

  • Ash Recovery: Environmentally friendly ash can be used both in the production of cement products and as a fertilizer or soil amendment. 

  • Liquid Fuel Production: This technology can also be deployed to produce advanced liquid fuels from landfill gases and/or remote or low value natural gas resources.

  • Fleet Fueling & Maintenance: Option of fueling all waste collection vehicles as well other mobile equipment either directly with site-produced syngas or site-produced syn-diesel.


Investor Inquiries

Would you like to learn how you can invest into our nation’s future through bioenergy? Please contact info@syntechbioenergy.com for more information.

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Would you like to learn how bioenergy can positively affect your county and surrounding communities? Please contact info@syntechbioenergy.com for more information.

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