SynTech Bioenergy Commences Installation of its first BioMax unit in Matsusaka Japan.

28 September 2017.  SynTech Bioenergy's installation team has begun the process of installation and commissioning of Japan's first BioaMax unit.  When fully commissioned the unit will produce 165kW of electricity, 500,000 BTU/Hour of heat and a very high quality biochar.  The system will run on 3 Metric tons of responsibly grown and harvested wood chips and supply electricity directly to the grid.

SynTech’s BioMax® systems are based on proprietary small-scale downdraft gasification and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies.  The systems are housed in standard ISO shipping containers, giving them a compact footprint and making them easy to transport and install.  The BioMax® units are modular and scalable for electrical output from 165 kW up to 1 MW. They can be powered by a variety of abundant biomass and waste materials, such as wood wastes (chips and pellets, etc.), nut shells (walnut, coconut, pistachio, etc.), and fruit pits (olive, avocado, date, etc.).  The only byproduct is a high grade organic biochar, which can be used as a soil amendment to aid plant growth. BioMax® biochar also meets current standards for activated carbon for use in air and water filtration.  SynTech’s biomass energy systems are ideally suited to meeting Hawaii’s energy needs. The systems are fully automated, can be operated and controlled remotely, and neither use nor produce water.

SynTech Bioenergy LLC is an integrated energy, environmental, economic and social solution provider.  We are focused on mitigating climate change, reducing global dependence on fossil fuels, and delivering energy, environmental, economic and social benefits through the implementation of advanced technologies.  Our technologies and projects deliver continuous and uninterrupted sustainable clean energy in the form of electricity, heat, fertilizer, and drop-in liquid fuels produced by remediating costly and problematic wastes.  SynTech Bioenergy’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Denver, Colorado.  To learn more, visit the company website at

Kevin McFarland