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Waste is what you make of it.
At SynTech, we make it into clean energy.

SynTech tackles two problems – abundance of waste and lack of energy – and transforms biomass, agricultural waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) into renewable heat and electricity, right where you need it. Our renewable energy technology can be installed at most business sites to create clean energy in the US and around the world.

We can offset the electricity usage of your operation, sell the electricity directly back to the grid or even potentially supply all your power needs, while reducing carbon release to our ecosystem.

That's our value-from-waste promise.

Our biomax® Technology.

SynTech turns your waste into something wonderful. Our patented BioMax® technology uses an advanced thermal conversion process to change all types of biomass, agricultural waste and processed municipal solid waste (MSW) into ultra-clean syngas that converts into electricity onsite.

The result: 

Continuous, uninterrupted clean energy using your waste as fuel.


Our impact.

Our renewable energy solution has a small footprint, and is modular, scalable and carbon negative. Systems are calibrated to meet your waste remediation needs, energy requirements and available space. Keep waste out of landfills and return value to the community.

And our impact on the environment?

   Better than Zero.

Our Proposition.

Most industries are required to use a certified method to remove their waste, an endeavor that is costly and logistically burdensome. With our technology, you can earn money getting rid of your waste, while creating renewable energy.

our projects.

We work with companies in all sorts of industries including agriculture, colleges, food processors, hospitals, hotels, municipalities, and many more to convert waste into a dependable 24/7 supply of biomass renewable energy and heat, right at the source. 


SynTech - The future of distributed clean energy.

SynTech Bioenergy is creating a network of carbon-negative, sustainable clean energy facilities, turning waste into clean energy in the U.S. and around the world. We install our technology right where virtually any type of biomass, agricultural waste or processed MSW are produced and we turn it into dependable clean energy right where the energy is needed.

We enhance energy independence, create local jobs & mitigate the impacts of climate change.


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