Committed to Sustainability


About Us


SynTech - The Future of Distributed Clean Energy

SynTech Bioenergy is creating carbon-negative, sustainable clean energy facilities, turning waste into clean energy in the U.S. and around the world. We install our technology right where agricultural byproducts and organic materials often considered waste are generated, and we turn it into energy right there, on site, where energy is needed. In the process, we're increasing energy independence, creating local jobs and mitigating the impacts of climate change.


Our Company Delivers Social Responsibility

We are stewards of our natural resources and we strive to protect and preserve our environment through our work. We are pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology to build an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

Sustainable, Carbon-Negative technology

SynTech's advanced thermal conversion and waste remediation technologies mitigate harmful atmospheric carbon, reduce methane emissions - a greenhouse gas much more harmful than carbon dioxide - and displace fossil fuel generated energy.

Landfill avoidance and Remediation

The SynTech process keeps waste out of landfills and returns value to the local economy.

Going further for the environment

SynTech is committed to pushing the boundaries of known science to develop new, more efficient, less costly and more ecological solutions to our world's energy, environmental and economic challenges.