How It Works.

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Our Process.

Environmentally responsible. Carbon negative. Renewable Energy Technology

SynTech Bioenergy takes your biomass, agricultural waste and processed municipal solid waste (MSW) to give you onsite, reliable, clean power and heat, while eliminating the need to landfill and saving you money.

We install our generators on your property or can place a centralized unit to service two to three businesses in close proximity.

Our only coproduct is SynChar™ a high-quality biochar with valuable agricultural, soil amendment and air and water filtration applications.

Our technologies provide a carbon-negative alternative to burning fossil fuels and burying waste.

We create no new waste in the process - zero.

Our Process: The Details

  • We collect virtually all types of biomass, agricultural waste and MSW in a single-stream process.

  • We properly condition the waste for use by our technology.

  • Inside the reactor, advanced thermal conversion - without flame burning or combustion - converts the waste into ultra clean syngas.

  • We coproduce a high value SynChar(t) - a high-quality, internationally certified product which can be used as a soil amendment or air and water filtration media.

  • Our advanced thermal conversion process creates an ultra-clean tar free syngas.

  • The finished syngas then fuels modified internal combustion engines and gas-fired micro-turbines.

  • Our technologies provide a dependable and uninterrupted supply of sustainable, clean, base-load power and heat.

  • We do all of this in a carbon negative zero waste footprint.

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