BioMax® technology has made our value-from-waste process a global leader.


The BioMax Difference

Our BioMax® Gasification System converts carbon-rich, organic feedstocks into a clean gas - called "syngas."

Unlike thermal energy derived from incineration of organic feedstocks, the BioMax® syngas is a clean burning, renewable gas.

zero-waste, clean gasification. No incineration.

Our gasification technology creates an extremely low level of tar, meaning the systems requires zero water for gas cleanup and produces no waste water, unlike most gasification systems.

carbon negative energy generation.

From the feedstock entering the system to the electricity produced by the installed generator sets, the BioMax® system is carbon negative. Each BioMax® unit sequesters one ounce of carbon per kWh, or approximately 35 tons of sequestered carbon each year, safely storing this carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. In stark contrast, natural gas power plants release approximately 19 ounces of carbon dioxide per kWh.

Maintenance is a Snap with our full service maintenance plans

We apply our years of expertise to providefull service maintenance plan of the BioMax® installation with a complete performance guarantee.


BioMax® specifications:

  • Can be configured for numerous energy services including combined heat and power (CHP) or gas only.
  • Turnkey system, operable 24/7.
  • Commercially available & proven technology.
  • Highly efficient, advanced gasifier technology that produces extremely low levels of tar and no other pollutants.
  • BioMax® employs dry filter for gas clean-up. It uses no water or oil scrubbers, produces no waste water & requires no waste water treatment system.
  • Produces high-quality biochar byproduct.
The 2nd generation BioMax® gasification unit.

The 2nd generation BioMax® gasification unit.

  • Fully automated, can be remotely controlled, can operate unattended. Important system functions are continuously monitored and logged.  
  • Compact footprint: 30ft x 30ft (10m x 10m) - unlike most renewable energy systems of comparable power output.
  • Meets EPA requirements and the most strict California Air Resources Board air quality standards.
  • Reduces or eliminates "waste" disposal costs.
  • Built in ISO 20' containers, factory tested, and can be installed in less than a week.

The BioMax®System Video


Community Power Corporation (CPC), established in 1995, is a wholly owned subsidiary of SynTech Bioenergy LLC and is the world's leading developer and supplier of small, modular biomass gasification systems.

CPC’s was the first company world-wide to:

Deploy automated, modular biopower systems capable of operating unattended in Energy Services Company (ESCO) applications.

Manufactures complete, turn key modular biopower systems in standard ISO containers.

Develop on-site energy independence solutions that can produce power, heat and cooling.

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